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Lisa Birnesser

Coaching for Midlife Women

I help frustrated midlife women go from taking care of others to creating a life of intention, happiness and joy.

“I believe midlife is a time of growth and transition. It only becomes a crisis if you do not explore what makes you happy.”

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Are you ready to take the next step?

"Lisa is great! After months of being indecisive about my business goals after an hour of speaking with her, I not only had a clear vision of my goals, and I was also able to identify what's holding me back from reaching them! I can't wait to put what she helped me with into action!"

Tara B., Massachusetts

“Going through this coaching session with Lisa Birnesser helped me to put things into perspective about what I really want to do. Through our session. I realized that I would benefit from balancing the things that I need to do with the things that I want to do. She asked thought-provoking questions to help me shake out the cobwebs and set some short to mid-range goals. I'm confident that this will give me the motivation that I've needed to get over the next hump."

Lisa M., New Hampshire

"I loved how Lisa helped me take my goals and clearly break down timelines. I had a goal in sight but wasn't sure how to get there. Envisioning goals in a 3-, 6-, and 12-month time frame helped me feel like everything is more achievable and less stressful! Working with her felt like a weight has been lifted!" 

Ashley W., North Carolina

“Lisa helped break up my big goal into smaller goals helps me prioritize what's important. I certainly don't feel so overwhelmed with trying to get everything done at once. I will definitely create my goal/idea wall, too!! I think it will help keep my ideas and my plans in check!!"

Shawn M., Knoxville, TN

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