One of the biggest causes of relationship stress for women entrepreneurs is the tendency to say no to your partner more often than you say yes.

When you get caught up in running your business, it’s easy to slip into the habit of taking your relationship for granted.

You can reduce tension and stress in your relationship by making sure you take time to spend quality time with your partner. The ability to relax and have a good laugh together will go a long way toward keeping the good feelings flowing between you.

Man and woman skydiving

Here are five ways you can infuse a little fun into your relationship:

  1. Take a day off and spend it together.Schedule a day to take off from work and other tasks. Rediscover the love and frolic in your relationship by spending the entire day alone together. Behave as if you don’t have anything else to do but look into each other’s eyes.
  2. Let your playful side out.Do fun, lighthearted things together like hold hands when you’re shopping or taking a walk. Laugh out loud. Who doesn’t feel drawn to a person that makes them laugh and laughs with them? Remember when you used to play games together when you first started dating?
  3. Have a picnic.

    Pack food and beverages and take off to a nearby park. It doesn’t have to be an elaborate feast – just something simple for lunch that you can munch on while talking and savoring the wonders of nature. Having such picnics once a month or so as long as the weather permits will encourage you to share special feelings.

  4. Take one evening a week off from working.

    Turn off your computer, your phone, and the television, and spend an evening together. When you unplug just one evening a week, it can open up so many possibilities to bond and have fun. Discuss how you could spend this extra time together. You’ll discover more about what your partner enjoys.

  5. Dance with each other.

    You’ve probably got an MP3 loaded with music you love. Turn it on and dance together. Most people find dancing to be one of the most physically intimate, fun activities to do together. You’ll definitely connect emotionally when you dance.

The main point of this is to focus on the pleasure of your partner’s company.  Ensuring you have fun together will deepen your relationship in more ways than you can imagine. It will also go a long way to re-opening lines of communication and help to reduce relationship stress that may have built up while you were building your business.

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