Hi, I'm Lisa Birnesser

I am a stress coach, published author, and speaker who is dedicated to helping midlife women write the next chapter of their lives.

Helping You Create a Life Full of Intention, Happiness, and Joy

I specialize in working with midlife women who are tired - both literally and figuratively - of taking care of everyone else but themselves.

Maybe you’ve taken care your kids, spouse and parents, friends, boss and or even your neighbors. And I understand they needed your help and support, some more than others.

And what about you? Do you now have a burning desire to say “yes” to yourself? Have you been putting off what you wanted to do?

I understand that desire. I waited so long to fulfill it, my desire became a four-alarm fire before I did anything about it. But when I finally learned to say “yes” to myself, I finally started living the life I needed and deserved.

I retired from my full time career as an occupational therapist at age 42. I then completed massage school, opened my massage practice, lost my beloved father, became a stress coach, married, became a stepmom and divorced - all by the age of 47.

Granted, not everything I decided was the best for me. I had to change the course along the way on some decisions.

But as often as I could, I started to substitute what I needed to do with what I wanted to do,

Are you ready to pick up the pen and write your next chapter of life? Click below to explore what working with me looks like.

A little more about me…

  • Bachelor of Science degree in Occupational Therapy in 1985
  • Massage Therapist since 2005
  • Owned a massage practice from 2007-2020
  • Stress Coach since 2010
  • Public speaking on a variety of occupational therapy subjects as well as stress management
  • Diplomate Level of The American Institute of Stress
  • Studied coaching at Mentor Coach


"Working with her felt like a weight has been lifted!"

Ashley W., North Carolina

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