Hi, I’m Lisa Birnesser

I am a Positive Psychology Master Coach, blogger, and speaker 

Love Your Business, Love Your Life

“I need six more hands.”  

Eighteen months into growing my massage practice, I knew I needed more hands. I was the service provider, bookkeeper, front desk personnel, supply manager, housekeeper, marketer, and more. Adding anything else would have been impossible. Or that’s what I chose to believe. 

I was so frustrated. 

You see, I had a bigger vision for my practice. I saw all sorts of products and services I could create to better serve my clients. 

Have you ever said, “I wish I had more hands to help me in my business?” Or possibly you heard it from a coworker or neighbor. 

 Business owners and entrepreneurs stop themselves from making more money and getting back time thinking:

  • I don’t have enough money to hire someone to help me. 
  • It will take too much time to put together (I needed to sleep!) 
  • I’ll be working late hours and never get to see my family again. 

It’s stressful thinking about adding on to your business. You end up talking yourself out of helping thousands of more people with what you could have offered. 

I’ll share with you my secret sauce.

Along the way I realized something. 

It was me who blocked the change.  

An amazing coach said, “You do not manage time. You manage activities. Think about it. You get the same amount of time in a 24-day period. However, you get to organize and plan your day and choose what goes where.” 

At that moment, my world opened to all possibilities. 

And yours can, too. 

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A little more about me…

  • Bachelor of Science degree in Occupational Therapy
  • Certified Positive Psychology Master Coach
  • Stress Coach since 2010
  • Public speaking on a variety of occupational therapy subjects as well as stress management
  • Studied coaching at Mentor Coach