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Goal Setting: The Importance of Celebrating Success

celebrate success, goal setting, schievement“Put yourself in a state of mind where you say to yourself, “Here is an opportunity for you to celebrate like never before, my own power, and my own ability to get myself to do whatever is necessary.”
~ Anthony Robbins

Celebrating successes in your life is one of the most important and highly overlooked opportunities to honor yourself. You may set out with a long list to do in the morning, filled with errands and important appointments. The missing piece may be what you do to celebrate successes after everything is finished.  Many times what gets noted is if we fall short of getting something done.

Tasks are finished and goals are achieved every day. For most people, the goal gets crossed off the list and it’s on to the next task. While productivity is vital, it’s important to stop and acknowledge achieving a goal.  You might ask yourself at the end of the day, “How much did I accomplish today? Or, “Did I get everything done on my list?” Successes aren’t just necessarily what we do. Celebrating success has everything to do with who you are as a human being. You hold very special traits, such as dependability, hard-working, attentive, caring just to name a few. These are the building blocks that are needed to get the tasks done.

Working without celebrating accomplishments is like going on a long road trip and never visiting a rest stop. If we don’t pause, the ‘fight or flight’ stress reaction switch never turns off. Also, when we don’t celebrate our successes, we miss out on opportunities to give ourselves credit for accomplishing goals.

Here are some simple tips to celebrate success each day:

Pause and breathe.  Breathe in the fact that you achieved what you set out to do.  The biggest mistake is when you think an accomplishment is too small and you dismiss giving yourself credit. Just simply hold space before tacking the next task.

Celebrate with someone else. Let someone know how your day went. Connect with a friend or loved one and share your happenings. There is nothing like sharing with someone who support you and is on your side.

Stop and do something you enjoy.  What things do you enjoy? Maybe you enjoy reading or spending time with friends. Take a long bath, watch your favorite show or movie, or play at whatever you enjoy.

So, the next time you cross something off your list, remember to celebrate the success in you.

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Goal Writing: Revise, Rethink and Rejuvenate Your Desired Target

New Years is  the traditional time to set goals. Setting goals is crucial so we have a path to get from point A to point B. Rechecking where you are on the path is an equally important process. Maybe your original ambitions were too challenging or your dream is  no longer meaningful to you. Here's a simple process you can use weekly, monthly or quarterly to keep you on target for goal achievement:

1. Revisit-Revisit goals you have made this year. Maybe they are targets that you made several months ago but haven't checked on lately for progress. Pick just one goal and revisit it. Ask yourself, "Where am I in accomplishing my dream?" "What steps can I take toward achieving this goal?" The most important thing to remember is not to judge, belittle or compare yourself to others when revisiting goals. It's just a place you are on a particular path.

2. Rethink– Rethink your goal. Is it something you still want to achieve? Does the goal need revised? Maybe going to the gym twice a day was an unrealistic goal. What will truly be a good starting point to achieve this goal? Rewrite the goal so it is achievable. Make sure your target challenges you in the process so you can remain motivated.

3.Rejuvenate– Now that you have crafted your new goal, jump start your desire  in a fresh and exciting way. Find someone who may have the same goal. Get support from someone who cheers you on and challenges you in a positive way. Maybe it's choosing to work on your tasks at a different time of day. Mix it up and see what a difference a new approach can make in achieving your desired target.

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