The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance. –Alan Watts

New Years Day is just around the corner. For most people, it triggers thoughts about a change in habits, such as weight loss or quitting smoking. Usually, ideas get stirred up about what people want to be different in their lives.  The idea that life could transform sparks the passion for change.

Change is inevitable. Time moves forward whether you are conscious of it or not. What we see around us only appears to be a constant in our lives, but in fact there are changes happening every moment. Change is a double-edged sword. You may want to make an improvement but something stops you dead in your tracks. It’s called fear.  Fear can disguise itself in many ways, the biggest being a battle to see or do things in a new way. The key is that the desire to change far outweighs the need to continue the habit. When I quit smoking nearly five years ago I made the decision to quit. I wrote down a list of reasons why I no longer wanted to smoke. I wanted to breathe. I was tired of smelling like smoke. I wanted to get rid of my nagging cough. I wanted to save money. And, it was my father’s last wish for me. He suffered so much from smoking and I saw what the effects did to his quality of life.

Change can happen in of two ways. First you can make a decision to change a thought or behavior because something no longer works in your life. This is when you begin to have signs that you can’t ignore that something different has to happen. The more you become aware of something you want to change, you begin to see signs you can’t ignore.

The other reason people make changes are because they have to. In other words, you have only two choices; you change or know there are consequences about to happen if you don’t. This is when what seems like a 2 x4 has smacked you upside the head. It’s when you have ignored or pressed through all the warning signs that something wasn’t working.

Learn to dance with change rather than resist it.

I’ll be sharing my upcoming health goals with you. What are you thinking about changing this New Years Day? Post below-I’d love to hear about them! over 25 years in the health care profession, Lisa Birnesser has studied stress relief techniques and have helped thousands of people reduce stress in their lives.Lisa specializes stress management coaching by helping people do what matters most every day.


38 thoughts on “Change: The Desire to Make Something Different Even When You Don’t Want To”

  1. Great sign-post article! I agree that we can change at any time, yet I love the energy around a New Year. The changes I’ll be making are all about growth and expansion for 2012…quality time with family/friends, networking and working with amazing people and hitting HIGH marks in my professional life. Thank you for encouraging us to start focusing on our WHY right now!

  2. I love the picture that you have painted here “Learn to dance with change rather than resist it.” Such a beautiful thought…..dancing is a lot more fun than struggle!! : D Great post, Lisa!

  3. It is that time of year when we begin to think of change, isn’t it? I think the key is keeping up the motivation as we begin to move through the new year. Like Elise, my plans are all about growth and expansion. New business directions, better family relationships and a better quality of life. Thanks for reminding me to not only focus on what I want to do but also on WHY I want to do it.

    1. I love and support your goals for next year, Marie. The ‘why” is so huge in achieving goals. It really helps keep the motivation going!

  4. Thanks Lisa. Making the decision to change is harder than actually doing it. It’s an admission that something is wrong with us and needs to be different. Congrats on the smoking as well. I quit 2 years ago next month.

  5. Change has been an ever constant theme in my life. Rather than waiting until New Years, it’s something that I’m constantly implementing in my life on a day-to-day week-to-week basis. There’s just something ticking inside of me that wants to be great.

    A lot of times I don’t realize that other people aren’t wired this way, but when I come across people like this, something clicks in me. I see them for who they ‘Can Be’ rather than ‘Who they currently are’.

    One of the things that I will be focusing on for the upcoming year is bringing the dream back to America. I want to empower all individuals I come across with a dream, vision, purpose, and mission for their life. I want to ignite a fire/passion for life within them that they didn’t know was present.

    1. I loved your comment, Edmund. I can’t wait to see how you are going to rock this world in 2012!

  6. Sweet!! Loved this article and your mention of change! Too many are fixated with the word ‘resolution’ and many times its merely a set-up for failure..goals are much more attainable…at that is exactly what I teach our patients and clients. Love it!! Thanks for sharing your wisdom with us:)

    1. I think the work resolve gets us in a mindset that there’s only one time of year to change and it’s January first. Thank you for you comment, Dr. Daisy!

  7. My goal for 2012 is pretty simple and revolves around a question…how many lives can I impact in 2012? GREAT article about looking forward, Lisa!

  8. I absolutely LOVE your line: “Learn to dance with change rather than resist it”! That takes the change process away from all the resistance games we play, and puts it in the category of a chosen adventure. Yes!!

    ~RJ, the HOPE Coach

    1. Good point, Ronae. It’s part of the dance of life. I’m up for a 2012 adventure-how about you?

    1. The pre=planning habit is sometimes difficult to get rolling but once done then being on time is a snap!

  9. Great article Lisa. I have come to realize that change is a part of life and the way we choose to respond to it, can make all the difference! I’m with you, dance instead of resisting. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Love this statement….”the desire to change far outweighs the need to continue the habit.” The desire must be greater….we all have to get to that point or place where the desire for better outweighs the bad habits we’ve enjoyed and allowed in our lives. In my line of work, its the desire to lose weight, reduce medications, remedy illnesses or the desire to eat doughnuts and mashed potatoes every day. I see many who “resolve’ to doing so but still truly lack the desire to change…and I pray for those that they don’t have to face crisis before that desire is found! Choose change before cnage chooses you!

  11. What a wonderful article Lisa. I love the visual of “dancing with change.” Change is going to happen – sometimes we like it, sometimes we don’t, sometimes we can control it, sometime we can’t. Why not just embrace it, make good out of it, and dance with it! Very uplifting article on what can be a difficult topic!

  12. I like this attitude of being proactive — something I admit I need to work on — to change. Deciding to change on my own before I am forced to. Great post for any season, but especially as we head into a new year. Thanks!

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