Nothing in life is to be feared.  It is only to be understood.  ~Marie Curie

Trusting your intuition is an important skill to learn, although there are times when your mind can become confused about your next step. When your body and mind are under a great deal of stress, it may be hard to see the best opportunities for you.

Dealing With Fear

No one enjoys coping with fear; however, it's a necessary part of life. The best line of defense is to practice remaining calm and ask for help when you need it. After all, two minds striving for a rational solution is usually better than one.

When to Think Twice

Even in tough circumstances, you probably have a gut feeling about what is truly right or wrong. However, it's a good idea to try to recognize the situations where you tend to have problems thinking clearly. That way, when these situations do come up, you can start working on solutions, instead of giving into the cloudy, confused thoughts.

Situations you might ask for help are:

1.    When you're under high stress – People often don't recognize how harmful stress can be to the mind and body. Stress can cause you to make impulsive decisions. The main goal when you are stressed is to not be stressed as fast as possible. Remember, stress produces hormones that alter your thinking patterns and slip into survival mode..

2.    When you're feeling anxious – There are different degrees of anxiety that can affect anyone at any time. When anxiety takes over, such as when you're dealing with a big fear, it can lead to irrational thoughts or even panic. It’s impossible to think clearly knee-deep in panic.

3.    When you're mind sees the glass half empty – Sometimes you'll have a bad day or even a bad week. Having a tough time can cause a negative thinking pattern that can cause you to think unreasonable thoughts.

When you're having thoughts that seem real, but are rather unreasonable, remember that it's not coming from you. Rather, it's coming from the build up self-doubt, negativity, stress, anxiety, or even past circumstances.

Dealing With Anxiety

You now know that negative thought patterns can arise from stress, anxiety, fear or even the past. But it's how you deal with shifting your thought patterns that make all the difference. Take time to cool down and relax your mind before making important decisions.

One way to know if something is your true feeling is to wait a few days before making a decision. For example, if after a week of thinking something over, you still think the same way, then it's probably true. Of course, you first have to ensure that your mind isn't under attack from stress, fear, anxiety or negativity.

Healing From Your Fear

If you find that you live in fear a great deal of time, you can concentrate on healing those feelings. When your mind begins to race and filled with what if’s, breathe deeply. Believe it or not, deep breathing is a signal for your mind to relax and think clearly. So breathe deeply and clear your mind.

Also remember that you're not alone. You have people who can help you and you shouldn't feel hesitant to ask for that help. If you feel uncomfortable talking with a family member or friend, consider the help of a coach or counselor.

Just remember to avoid taking drastic actions during a stressful time. There’s no rush when making decisions. Breathe deeply, and find the support you need to deal with the fear.

7 thoughts on “Dealing with Fear: Do You Trust Your Choices?”

  1. Great tips Lisa. Sometimes I find myself second guessing my decisions and being afraid to make a mistake or a wrong decision. When that happens I usually end up finding out that it's my first instinct that's the right choice.

  2. That deep breathing and waiting til extreme stress reactions pass has saved me so many times from making unwise decisions! Fear can be a self-perpetuating event, but it is so wonderful to be free from its control!

  3. You know I truly believe that LEARNED to have fear for things and for situations, what do you think? I believe that children were born without fear or maybe in some cases they have experienced fear in the womb. It is so sad that so many people have to deal with fear these days; it doesn't bring us anything except being miserable….I have been there, I have the t-shirt, but right now I am totally free from fear and life is so much better 

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