Is Self-Care Truly Selfish?

Stressed woman talking to female doctor

In a recent conversation with a friend, Jayne opened up about her health struggles. She admitted that she had been putting off a doctor’s visit for far too long, constantly prioritizing work and other responsibilities over self-care.

Luckily, her test results came back relatively unchanged, but she couldn’t help but wonder if she had been neglecting her own well-being for too long. This article will explore how the notion that self-care is truly selfish is a myth.

With the demands of modern life on the rise, many find themselves stretched thin and overwhelmed. People who experience high levels of stress for long periods of time may have serious consequences.

Small Business Owners and Stress

Small business owners genuinely worry about their mental health, as shown by a study conducted by the founder and CEO of Silver Lining, with the support of the Wells Fargo Foundation. The findings demonstrate that nearly half of small business owners (46%) believe that stress and mental health directly influence the success of their business. As a result of their research, here is the free booklet for small business owners.

While they may not mind putting in long hours, a significant majority (70%) acknowledge that their mental well-being has an impact on their loved ones. Fifty percent of respondents recognize the impact of stress and mental health issues on their business performance.

Putting You First

Remember the air flight instruction of placing the oxygen on you first before others? Focusing on external stressors, such as personal relationship stress or the inability to slow down, may dim the presence of early warning signs of stress.

According to the Mayo Clinic, excessive and prolonged activation of the body’s stress response system, resulting in heightened levels of cortisol and other stress hormones, can greatly interfere with various bodily functions.

Such disruptions increase vulnerability to a wide range of health issues, including sleep problems, weight gain, problems with memory and focus, and heart disease, heart attack, high blood pressure, and stroke.

Denial can blind us, making us prioritize other people, places, and things over ourselves and potentially putting our health at risk.

But why do we wait for a wake-up call before taking care of our bodies? Ignoring symptoms and pushing through fatigue can be a dangerous choice, with long-term consequences. It’s time to break free from the superhero mentality and find a balance between caring for others and caring for ourselves.

Set Clear Priorities

So, how do we make self-care a priority? It starts with investing in ourselves. We are all worthy of the love and care we give to others, so it’s important to reflect on what’s stopping us from taking time for ourselves.

Excuses about time and money may seem valid, but it’s worth examining our resources more closely. Nurture your body throughout the day, and remember that the choices we make today affect our future well-being.

Prioritizing what we truly want in life is also essential. We can easily become numb to our own desires, caught up in endless to-do lists and the pursuit of productivity. By setting clear priorities, aligning values, and focusing on what brings us joy, we can reduce stress and find fulfillment.

Make Time For You

Planning is another crucial aspect of self-care. Scheduling “me time” is vital for creating healthy habits. Take a look at your calendar and see how many slots are reserved for yourself. If none are marked off, it’s a warning sign that self-care is lacking. Use breaks as opportunities to stretch, relax, or meditate. Gradually, you can introduce longer periods of self-nurturing into your routine.

Use Stress Techniques Regularly

Lastly, tackling stress is key. Find calming techniques that work for you, whether it’s deep breathing, meditation, or using essential oils. There are many ways to implement stress relief into your life. And don’t hesitate to reach out for support when stress becomes overwhelming.

Don’t wait for a life-changing moment to prioritize your health. Start your self-care journey today and reap the benefits of a balanced and fulfilled life. You deserve it.


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