We all lead busy lives these days. There are endless projects to complete and to do lists that need to be prioritized if you are to be successful at accomplishing your goals and achieving your dreams.

Words:  setting priorities includes having fun

It’s easy to prioritize your to-do list. You should have a good handle on what needs to be done, and when in order to complete projects on time. But let me ask you this….

When you are setting your priorities, where does having fun with family and friends fit onto the list?

When you’re struggling to determine what’s important to you, it’s hard to make decisions. What will you do next? Where will you go for the evening? Who will you choose to pass the time with?

Feeling torn between two or more people, places, and things is common if you haven’t yet identified your priorities. After all, when you consider everything and everyone in your life as all-equal in terms of their “level” of importance, it’s going to be tough to choose what to do next.

Setting your life priorities is a way of identifying what’s most important to you. Once you determine your priorities, you’ll be pleased with the ease of making decisions and the serenity that comes with knowing you did the right thing.

Establishing priorities also gives you a clearer focus on how to allot your time. If you allot the bulk of your time to doing what’s most important with the most important people in your life, you’ll feel more fulfilled and satisfied with your life experiences.

It’s easy to get lost in the never-ending world of work these days. Always being connected, and having to be “on” can cause stress for even the hardiest of souls. Setting priorities for your life and work can help to ensure that you create a balance between the two. Knowing that you are making time to relax and reconnect with your partner, family, and friends can help to lessen any job related stress you are dealing with.

Here are a few ways to ensure you have time for family, friends, and fun in your schedule”

Leave your work at the office. This can be hard when you’re self-employed, but it’s the first step in being able to make time for others a priority in your life.

Make time for yourself. Realize that you’re important and valuable. Taking care of your happiness (and sanity) is an essential part of creating a balanced life. It’s hard to relax with others if you haven’t given yourself any time to recharge first.

Make time for your partner. There are many ways you can take the stress out of your relationship. When we get too busy often our relationships are the first thing that suffers. Putting your partner high on your list of priorities not only gives you the space to relax and have fun with a loved one, it also lets them know how important they are to you.

Take time to socialize with friends. Hanging out with friends allows you to unwind and have a few laughs. Make it a point to meet up with friends at least once each month. Go out to dinner or entertain in your home.

Setting your priorities now will help you limit or even remove the less-important elements of your life and enable you to focus more fully on what means the most to you.

You can live less a less stressful life by setting priorities. Knowing who and what is important to you and devoting your time to those things at the top of your list will ensure you experience an enriched and fulfilled life. Just don’t forget to include the fun!

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