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What is the
SMQ Assessment?

The Stress Mastery Questionnaire is a powerful tool designed to identify the main sources of stress in your life and provide actionable strategies for reducing their negative impact.

Developed by Dr. James C. Petersen, a renowned expert in the field of stress management, the Stress Mastery Questionnaire is a research-based test that has helped countless individuals understand their stress patterns and regain control of their lives.



Meet Lisa, Your Coach

Lisa Birnesser is a licensed Independent Stress Master Associate, is here to provide personalized guidance and empower you on your journey to stress mastery. With her extensive training and knowledge in stress management techniques, you can be confident that you’ll receive the support and insights you need to transform your life.

Lisa is also a certified Positive Psychology Master Coach. 


Benefits of the SMQ

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Common Questions about the Stress Mastery Questionnaire

Will I get one-on-one coaching time with Lisa?

Yes, you will receive a 60-minute session with Lisa and explore the top 3 areas resulting in the highest stress

After your purchase, you will receive an email with the link to complete the Stress Mastery Assessment

Once your scores are submitted, it may take up to 48-72 hours to receive the results. In the meantime, you can book your coaching call with Lisa. Book a minimum of 3 business days after you submit your assessment.

 You’ll receive the 42-page Stress Mastery Guide as well as a Workbook This guide is going to be a helpful tool for addressing the specific areas that are causing you to feel overwhelmed or stressed. The best part? You can work on the workbook and answer questions right on your computer, iPad, or smartphone.

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You’ll gain access to the questionnaire, a 60-minute discovery session, and the exclusive Stress Mastery Guide and Workbook filled with valuable suggestions on stress management and resilience.  


The Stress Mastery Questionnaire Package Includes:

Comprehensive Stress Mastery Questionnaire 

Stress Mastery Questionnaire (SMQ) is an insightful personal assessment that can help you recognize your stress warning signs and pinpoint the areas in life causing it. With 11 scales on three topics, this educational tool offers a comprehensive view of how we are affected by our current levels of stress – both physically and mentally. And it only takes 15-20 minutes to complete.

60-minute Discovery Session
with Lisa

60-minute Discovery Session with Lisa –Once the SMQ has been scored, you will receive an email notification with the results and a link to schedule a 60-minute session with Lisa. This session will be conducted virtually over Zoom. We’ll explore three top areas that are causing you the most stress.

The Stress Mastery Guide is full of tips and techniques for managing stress  

You’ll receive the 42-page Stress Mastery Guide and Interactive Workbook. This guide and workbook are helpful tools for addressing the specific areas that are causing you to feel overwhelmed or stressed. You can easily navigate through this interactive workbook portion of the guide and answer questions directly on your computer, iPad, or smartphone.