Soothing sore muscles with massage or using progressive relaxation techniques can calm your body. But what about quieting the mind? Stress brings about annoying mind chatter. Meditation can calm the mind or at least slow down racing, stressful thoughts.

Let’s take the mystery out of meditation. For me, meditation is about being still, allowing my thoughts to come and go without passing judgment upon them. It’s a mini-vacation I can take for my mind. Meditation is also spending a just a few minutes in silence, away from the hustle and bustle of the busy world. There are also studies indicating meditation boosts brain health,There are three main myths that surround meditation

Myth Number 1: “I have to sit for a long period of time when I meditate.” Begin your practice slowly, starting with meditating for one to two minutes. Allow your mind to be free, letting your thoughts pass through as air in and out of your body.  If a thought enters you mind, return to focusing on your breath. I use a technique that I concentrate on the air passing in and out of my nostrils. Gradually build time meditating each day. I use my phone timer during meditation. There are also podcasts that you can download for timed meditations.

Myth Number 2: “I have to sit cross-legged to meditate.” You don’t have to sit in a contorted position to meditate. The key is to be comfortable, especially when first learning to meditate. Begin by sitting in a chair to meditate. A lying down position might seduce you into sleeping instead of meditating.

Myth Number 3: “Meditation just doesn’t work for me.” Be gentle with yourself when first developing your meditation skills. Meditation does take practice. Humans love to judge and grade their progress in tasks. Meditation is not one of those activities. In fact, the less attached we become to our mind chatter the sooner our minds get to have a mini-vacation.

Meditation can be a simple way to give peace and freedom to your mind. With just a little practice you can incorporate meditation into your day regularly.



4 thoughts on “Stress Relief Techniques: Myth Busting Meditation”

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  2. Hi Lisa,
    I love the myths you bring up.  Too many times, we in the West associate meditation with chanting, incense, candles, and stuff most of us aren't comfortable with.  Meditation, however, can be done virtually anywhere, and in any position with which you're comfortable.  Observing your mind chatter, like you mention, goes a long way to silencing that chatter and bringing your stress level way down. 
    Awesome article.  Thanks for sharing!


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