The holiday season has come and gone. January can be a time for recovery from holiday stress, or what I call post-holiday hangover. Gone are the days of indulgence and hanging with your family and friends. The work and social schedule seem to be returning to normal. The decorations have been boxed away, or most have at least thought about it. You might be feeling an emotional and physical let down after running on adrenaline to finish holiday preparations. The holiday bills will be arriving soon in your mailbox, if they haven’t already.  You may be looking for balance again in work and family life but have truly decided that there are not enough hours in the day.

A common way to cope with such a quick jolt in your life may be attempts to control everything around you. Stress begins to increase at home and work and it’s easy to grasp at micro-managing those parts of our lives. Then toss in any resolutions you may have made and life can quickly become unmanageable. In other words, you begin to control the outside world when your insides feel chaotic.

Prioritize what’s most important to you. These are the things keep you at peace on the inside. Here are some tips for a smooth life reentry from the post-holiday stress hangover:

Block Off Time for Yourself

Your mind may tell you there’s not enough time in the day to give love and care for yourself. I am going to tell you that it’s not true. Find the special time during the day when no one else is awake- even for 30 minute. Cherish that time and never give it away. Spend it doing something that gives you complete bliss, like meditation, reading, yoga or a walk around the block. Defend that time as you would give it to a loved one. You are that important.

Keep Connected with Your Tribe

Your tribe people may be those that you spent the holiday with. They are the folks that laugh and cry with you and love you no matter what happens. These are your go-to people when the world seems at an imbalance. Make time to keep them in your life. They will be the ones to help keep you real during times of stress.

For Every Yes, Say No

It’s far too easy to say yes. And before you know it, your life is filled with a long to do list. Make a habit to consult with your calendar every time someone asks you to do something. Give yourself space. There is never a rush to commit to a task.

So, take a breath and care for yourself. Balance changes as time moves forward. Remember self-care will help you rebound from post holiday stress quickly.

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