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A friend is someone who is there for you during times of celebration as well as in times of need. You trust and expect that they will say the very thing that will help you when you are feeling down. You learn to count of the comfort of their words. What happens when it comes to being our own best friend?

Recently, a close friend berated herself when she made a mistake during a stressful situation. “I am so stupid. I can’t believe I did something as dumb as that.” I asked her why she was so rough on herself for such a small issue. “It’s easier if I get to me first,” she said.  I felt sad and said “Would you treat your best friend like that?” She looked at me puzzled. “Well, no I’d never say those things to someone else.”

What are the qualities of your closest pal?  Maybe your buddy is always there for you, lifting your spirits when needed. Your friend might keep you grounded and real by being honest with you. Maybe they will cheer you up and root for you during tough times. They always have your back, supporting and celebrating how wonderful you are as a person.  Your friend doesn’t let you wallow long in self-pity. Each quality you see in your best friend is how we can strive to love ourselves every day.  Imagine what it would be like to forgive ourselves and noticing the little triumphs during the day. We can start being our best friend right now.

Words are very powerful; speech can be destructive or be an ally during stressful times. Try to insert the following statements into your day: “I can do it”

“I can succeed again”

“I can be good at ___”

The main point is that say the statements with emotion. Believe in yourself as much as your own best friend.

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