A vacation is having nothing to do and all day to do it in.  ~Robert Orben

Summer is officially here and it’s time for rest and relaxation. Enjoying less stress during summer travel can make or break a memorable trip. Whether you are hitting the road or staying close to home here are some tips for stress-less summer travel:

Pack ahead of time. Check the weather for your vacation destination ahead of time. This makes your packing a cinch. Some destinations may add specialty items to your list if you are heading to the beach or mountains. Think about what you would need for a day and move on from there. It’s easy to get carried away and over pack.

Are you tight for packing space? Roll your clothes to fit more items in your suitcase. Visit your nearest dollar store to get travel size containers. Check out what amenities your hotel has in advance so you don’t bring extras. Most hotels have basic toiletries and a hairdryer.

Use a notebook with folders to keep track of all you travel plans and packing lists. Better yet, use a travel app to keep track of all of your plans from hotels to restaurant reservations. There are also packing apps to make sure you have everything you need.

Must pack items include:

• Sunscreen. Nothing can put a damper on a vacation like having bad sunburn.
• Camera with battery charger
• Extra bags for souvenirs
• Games and activities for the kids
• Travel wipes and tissues for the car.
• Small plastic grocery bags for easy trash disposal

Get the car ready. Make sure the oil is changed and tires are properly pumped up on the car. Checking out the health of your car can save gas and possibly prevent breakdowns or accidents. Want the best gas prices on the road? Try the GasBuddy app to find the lowest prices on gas when traveling. Make sure your emergency roadside kit is up to date and ready in your trunk.

Pack healthy food and drink. Buying snacks at the convenience store can be both unhealthy and expensive. Pack fruit you can easily eat when traveling in the car. Make sure some of the food you pack doesn’t require a cooler.

Travel foods can include:

• Nuts
• Cheeses cut into cubes
• Trail mix
• Cut up veggie sticks

Stay hydrated by drinking more water than usual. Remember you are more active and in the summer heat and dehydrate quicker.

Relax. Now that you are on vacation put down the electronics. Unplug from the world and enjoy your vacation plans. Dive into that book you’ve been dying to read. Listen to that new music download while chilling out. Give your mind, body and soul the rest it truly needs.


36 thoughts on “Tips for a Stress-Less Summer Vacation”

  1. I am planning a trip for a week at the beach. I have never gone and left my business this long and I want to do all that I can to make it as stress free as I can! these are great tips!

  2. I so agree on that "packing early" thing. Nothing worse than jamming too much stuff in a too-small suitcase at the last minute.  Pack early, pack light is my mantra.

  3. "A vacation is having nothing to do and all day to do it in"
     Love this quote, Lisa! Great tips. I'll have to double check this list for my obx vaca this year! 🙂

  4. Great tips here, Lisa. I agree with the 'packing early! When I wait till the last minute, I end up packing too much and still forget some of the important things! LOL! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Great tips, Lisa! I am definitely going to use the folder idea for travel plans and packing lists plus I am going to stuff the map in there…I always seem to lose the map. LOL

    1. Lisa Birnesser

      I know what you mean! I always lost the map or itinerary until I used the fold or smart phone apps. Thanks1

    1. Lisa Birnesser

      I start making a list well in advance because it stresses me out not too. Thanks!

  6. Thank you fro such great tips. I especially like the last one, relax. I remember when my kids were younger and we would go away for 2 weeks to Myrtle Beach. I would be running around so much before our trip that when we finally were on vacation it was a challenge to relax. I would have loved to have had these tips. I will definitely be sharing these on my social networks.

  7. I have tried some of the packing apps, and the ones you can personalize are helpful. I like the idea that the more prepared you are the less stressful the vacation is.  I tend to try to start my vacation before I leave and fly by the seat of my pants too much. This does not work with kids! Thanks for the tips.

    1. Lisa Birnesser

      You’re welcome, Amy. Yes the packing apps that you can personalize are definitely better.

    1. Lisa Birnesser

      Awesome, Jamie! I can’t wait to read about your travel adventures when you get back!

  8. Being the smart phone addict that I am, using a vacation idea is a splendid idea. I am going to use this tip to plan for our vacation coming up.  Thanks!

  9. Perfect timing!  I'm leaving tomorrow and will be prepping for the 6 hour trip today:-)  Wonderful post, as always Lisa! 

  10. I am planning on travel a few weeks this Summer and this will come in handy 🙂 Now to get my social media organized too 🙂

  11. You forgot to put in a remedy for Murphy's Law, Lisa … and you know that SOMETHING will go wrong.  Maybe the recommendation is that the concept of blame is banned for the entire period of the vacation.  No one's at fault, no finger-pointing.  Just let it go, whatever it is and whose ever fault it is, move on to Plan B! 😉

    1. Lisa Birnesser

      Oops, I did! Love that idea of banning blame. That’s an excellent suggestion. Thanks, Sharon!

  12. Great list, Lisa, to keep the vacation process stress-free.  I think I'm sometimes more stressed on when going on vacation than just working day-to-day.

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