"One of the symptoms of an approaching nervous breakdown is the belief that one's work is terribly important." –Bertrand Russell
Stress can bear down on you at work every day. Memos come out with staffing changes. You open up your work emails wondering what policy or insurance adjustments you need to make. Fear rises in your gut as you wonder how you and your family are going to get by. Office gossip is at an all time high as the rumor mill churns. When you wake up each morning with a knot in your stomach, how do you better deal with a stressful work environment?

There are some major sources of anxiety in the workplace but you can put strategies in place to relieve work stress. Most of them are easy enough you can start now and begin seeing results immediately.

Schedule Overload

The first step should be to examine your schedule if you're feeling overwhelmed by your workload. Maybe you can change your routine or rearrange your schedule so you have more time in the day to get the job done. Perhaps there are some tasks you can let go of or spend less time on. You can also try to delegate the work to others in your office. If you're still feeling snowed under, talk with your boss. Communication can be the key to finding a way to lighten your load.

Co-Worker Stress

There are always going to be difficult co-workers at every job.  It's something you'll most likely face no matter where you work. Even if there's someone who is just a pain to deal with for one reason or another, you don't have to let it stress you out.

If you have a co-worker that's continually trying to get under your skin, confront the issue. You may want to do this with your boss present as to avoid any chance the difficult co-worker can turn on you or say things that didn't really happen. Document the situation to the best of your abilities. When you are under stress you make think that you will remember facts. Chances are details can be lost.

Explore your options if the frustration and stress gets too high. Maybe there’s an option for a department transfer. Human resources department can also be a support for you when the situation gets unbearable.

Demanding Boss

What can do you do when your boss is demanding? You can try talking to them in a peaceful, non-confrontational tone. Write your thoughts ahead of time and get clear about the issues. This will not only reduce your stress but help you state your case and stay on topic. Stick to the issues and the issues only. Never place blame or come across as if you know better than your boss. This kind of talk could only lead to a worse situation.

Looking at Your Future

One of the biggest causes of workplace stress is fear of job loss. Even if you've done everything to ensure your position at your company, like increasing your value as an employee, there are still no guarantees of job security

So, what can you do to help relieve some of the stress and fear?

One thing you can do is prepare for the future. Perhaps you could start taking classes at your local community college to learn a new skill or trade.

You could also start building an online business. Even though the economy is struggling, online businesses are growing every day. There are many ways you can begin securing your future now. All it takes is a little research and planning. Fine your local small business builder group in your area for resources.

Release Your Frustration

A great way to relieve work related stress is to work out regularly. Getting regular exercise helps relieve stress, especially work related stress. If you don't belong to a gym, begin working out at home. Going a quick walk regularly also reduces stress. Many people take short walks on their lunch break to let go of anxiety.

Incorporate any of these strategies into your day to help you overcome workplace stress.


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  1. Hi Lisa, you have came up with a great list and we all can encounter one of these situations in our lifetime. More support from employers are needed if we want to work on reducing stress in the workforce. After all without employees a company just does not exist. Having stress at work also relate to unproductive time loss. Thanks for the great read.

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