There cannot be a stressful crisis next week. My schedule is already full. – Henry Kissinger

Even if you love your job, there are going to be days where you are going to experience stress. A 2012 Work Stress Survey revealed 73% of people were stressed out about at least one thing on their job. People surveyed (11%) worried the most about not getting paid enough. The next biggest stressors were annoying coworkers at 10% and 9% reported an unreasonable workload.

Many people let stress to get them down, but you don't have to.  You can learn to deal with workplace stress so you can use the stress to move you ahead instead of hold you back.

A Look at Workplace Stress

When you are stressed out about your work, you may feel like you are all by yourself.  Stress can make you feel isolated but of course, it isn't the case at all.  People you work with right now feel as though the workplace is the biggest stressor in their life, too. Sometimes just knowing this is enough to help you get through to the day so you can start feeling let go of tension.

Thankfully, there is something you can do to reduce workplace stress in your life.

Workplace Stress Solutions

Some solutions to workplace stress include:

• Letting the little things go
• Balancing work and family life
• Develop a support system of family and friends

Let the Small Things Go

The fact of the matter is when you allow yourself to take a more relaxed outlook it will help change your stress level.  The secret key is to not take things personally. Your job can become part of your identity, creating additional stress and hypersensitive to situations. Reduce you stress by shifting your perception. You are not your job. There are so many strengths you possess. Take time to explore what characteristics make you great at your job. It will help you to let the little stresses to roll off your back.

Finding Work-Life Balance

Job responsibilities can just overwhelm you with extra projects and reports. Working long hours add to stress and contribute to you not coping well.  You should make sure that you do activities that do not involve work, even if this is simply reading a chapter of your favorite book or picking up the phone to call a friend.  When you allow your work life to overwhelm you, stress will consume you too. In turn, you'll become less efficient and effective at your job. Make time just for you, even if it’s 15 minute time periods during your day.

Spend Quality Time with Those Close to You

Make sure you spend time with your friends and family.  It’s easy to allow our home to become an office away from the office. Make sure you have a support network of friends and family members who will remind you that there are so many things to do that aren't related to your work in any way.  It's also helpful to have this support network so that when you are stressed out, you'll have someone to turn to. Many times a support system helps keep us grounded when we would otherwise be wound up with work-related stress.
It's true that stress is a part of life, but that doesn't mean it needs to overwhelm you. Dealing with stress is something that needs to be ongoing so you can live a great life inside and outside of your working life.

17 thoughts on “Workplace Stress: It’s Bigger Than You Think”

  1. These are great tips for alleviating workplace stress, Lisa. "Don't take things personally" is such great advice! That Henry Kissinger quote made me laugh…I think we all have weeks like that sometimes…lol! Loved the post!

  2. As much as I loved 'being in radio' for 10 years…I violated several of these rules and was drowining in stress by the time I walked away from it. It involved long hours, a 65-mile drive each way, personality clashes with one specific person and lacked balance between work/home. No wonder it all fell apart 10 years ago!  : )

    1. It’s amazing what we can endure in such a stressful situation! Glad you took care of yourself and look at you now!

  3. Some great ideas here. I love your tip to 'let the small things go' because it applies to so many situations in life. Being able to let minor irritations wash over makes for a much easier life!

  4. Great tips Lisa!  We talked about levels of stress at my networking breakfast this morning ;).  Stress IS a part of everyday life and does not always have to be bad – but the more we understand how to manage it – the better our health & well-being can be!

  5. Great post, Lisa! I especially loved when you wrote, "The secret key is to not take things personally." That is such a Powerful statement and so true. Thanks!

  6. Letting the little things go is a great way to help reduce the impact of <a href="">work stress</a>. In fact, one of the best pieces of advice I ever heard for dealing with stress in the workplace was to just remind yourself that ultimately, "It's just business." A lot of what happens between 9 and 5 is purely business, and nothing personal. Easier said than done, of course.

    1. Oh, Steven- that’s a brilliant way to put don’t take it personally. It all to easy to believe that you are your job. Thanks so much for commenting!

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